Who Are We? 

The founding volunteer board was formed after a meeting 2017, to discuss how to help people consciously use music for their benefit by introducing a gentle, peaceful and calming influence through music.

We also seek to keep peaceful, calming types of music and alive and growing. This includes everyone that helps bring this music to us.

We received non-profit 501c3 status in late 2018, and all board members volunteer their time and talent to help create and run our projects with a focus on creating awareness and education of Mindful Music and its many uses.


You may contact any one of us for more information. The Mindful Music Association is open to anyone. Among our ranks are musicians,  individuals and businesses in the music industry, teachers, radio hosts, health care workers, counselors, therapists and anyone interested in our mission. 

Our Team

Founding Board Members

President: Andy Mitran
Treasurer: Al Jewer
Membership Chair: Ed Bazel
MMA Records Chair: Joseph Akins, Ed.D
Education Chair: Louis Anthony deLise, D.M.A.
Board Member: Joseph L. Young
Board Member: Meg Bowles


What exactly is mindful music?

We use the term to describe several genres of music that promote introspection, peacefulness, a sense of calm and well being.


We will help people to develop a consciousness about using music to improve quality of life. From meditation to yoga to stress reduction to general enjoyment; this music can help create an environment for healing, learning, centering or meditating.

What do we do?

  • Provide a once a year event that offers seminars, performances, and face to face networking opportunities for members.

  • Help our membership learn about how to create larger audiences.

  • Produce a CD to help expose our music to more of the public.

  • Release recordings and promote them to all the streaming platforms.

  • Send our albums to schools to be made available to students who want to relax and have a productive study or meditation environment.

  • Reach out to schools to teach students how to use music to create positive atmospheres that improve quality of life.

  • Maintain a library of useful information to educate our members about everything from publishing, music therapy, applications of metadata, recording techniques, info on needed resources and marketing.

  • Share info about performance venues.

  • Promote the interaction our artist, show host, corporate vendor members with each other.