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Keynote Speaker: Dr. Deforia Lane

Dr. Deforia Lane recently retired as Director of Art & Music Therapy at the University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center and Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine at Case Western Reserve School of Medicine. With early intentions of pursuing a singing career, she completed her Bachelor Degree in Vocal Performance at the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, attended Cleveland State University for her Masters Degree and earned her PhD in Music Education from Case Western Reserve University. She holds board certification as a Music Therapist and is certified by the American Music Therapy Association for Faculty Authorization.

Dr. Lane has designed and implemented music therapy programs for such diverse populations as the mentally handicapped, abused children, geriatric clients, those with mental illness, adult and pediatric cancer patients and the terminally ill. Among the institutions that she has served as consultant are the Ohio Department of Mental Health, Mayo Clinic, Ohio Hospice Organization, the National Department on Aging, and Sesame Street (Children's Television Workshop).

Watch Ms. Lane's TedX Talk, Music Therapy & Medicine: A Dynamic Partnership.

Session schedule (all times Central)
Thursday, October 22

7:00 pm - Opening and welcome

7:15 pm - Keynote presentation - Dr. Deforia Lane

Friday, October 23


1:00 pm - Welcome

1:15 pm - The World of Internet Radio - Ed Bazel (and panelists)

2:15 pm - The State of Terrestrial Radio - Jamey Osborne (and panelists)

3:15 pm - What’s So Important About Mastering Your Music? - Andy Mitran and Al Jewer, Tom Eaton & Hans Christian

4:15 pm - Can You Make Me Rich and Famous? - Sherry Finzer

5:15 pm - The 52: A Yearlong Project of Music & Art - Rachel LaFond

6:15 pm - Musical presentation by Joseph Akins

7:00 pm - Zoom happy hour for all conference attendees

Saturday, October 24

12:00 noon - Welcome


12:15 pm - Mantras, Ragas and Mindfulness - Kamini Natarajan

1:15 pm - Music as a Power Tool for Stress Reduction: How to get the Best Results - Louise Dimiceli-Mitran, LCPC, MT-BC

2:15 pm - Live Streaming of Healing/Relaxing Music - Robin Spielberg & Sherry Finzer

3:15 pm - Mindful Music: A Wellness Solution for UCLA Health System - Dalida Arakelian & Janice Cho, M.D.

4:15 pm - The Harmony House: How to Create House Concerts that Support Artists and Create Meaningful Connections - Gina Lenée

5:15 pm - Musitations™: The Power of Music for Teaching and Deepening Mindfulness and Meditation - Michael Brant DeMaria, Ph.D.

6:00 pm - Conference wrap-up

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